Support and FAQ


Support and FAQ

Welcome to M topup support

Once you join us, you get our dedicated M topup support endlessly.

Account support

Find out how to resolve any problems with your user account here.
Log in, then select Administrator from the dashboard. Click update 2FA > Choose 2FA: PIN > New 2FA PIN Enter > current PIN > password, then Submit.
You are always welcome to change your password with the assistance of the M topup Administrator.
Please contact our support staff, and we’ll quickly recover your password.
Please feel free to contact our assistants, and we’ll quickly recover your PIN.

Technical support

Learn how to resolve technical issues quickly here.
Please refresh your browser by pressing the Ctrl and F5 buttons.
It is done for your security. The system logs you out automatically when you are inactive for a long period of time. To access your M topup dashboard, please log in once more.
You can see an outdated rate in your dashboard due to a browser cache issue. Please reload your browser by simultaneously pressing the ctrl and F5 buttons.

Payment support

Find out how to handle payment complexity here.
Account credit can be added manually or automatically. You will immediately receive account credit if you pay with a debit card, credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal. However, kindly share the transaction slip to our support personnel if you choose to pay through bank transfer. The (credit) balance will be added to your account by our support staff.

Select Card Type from the top menu, click Add Balance, then enter Payment Information after selecting the Balance to pull down button. choose the Amount, your Currency, your Card Number, and then click “Submit.”

Our system automatically emails you an invoice number and secret payment PIN as soon as the payment is finished.

Go to Balance (top menu) > Payment Validation after that, and enter the Invoice Number and Payment PIN to confirm your payment.

You can obtain your invoice in one of the three ways:

  1. Email invoice: After making a card payment, you’ll get an email invoice.
  2. Charges upon request: Our support staff will happily offer invoices.
  3. Monthly Invoice: An email invoice will be sent to you automatically each month.
Yes. However, it varies from one country to another or bank to bank.

Reseller support

Learn about difficulties relating to your reseller account here.
Select Users from the menu on the left > click ‘Add New User’ > Enter the user’s name, phone number, email address, currency, daily usage capacity, commission, password, and status > click ‘Confirm.’
Log in to your reseller account. Select ‘Update 2FA’ from the top right corner. Choose OTP Type: ‘PIN’ > input your password > enter the 2FA PIN > press Update 2FA. Then enter the authentication code, and finally press Submit.

Enter your user ID, email address, and recharge amount after logging into your reseller account. Log in to your reseller account. Enter your agent’s user ID > email > recharge amount. Then add your commission amount and press ‘Confirm’.

Yes. Depending on their priority, you can charge various rates for various customers.
No, for security reasons, it is impossible to enter into the reseller’s account and the users’ account using the same browser simultaneously for security reasons.

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